First blog post & 6-step strategies…

So now what? I started a blog. Hmm-mph. I said I would never do this. And…here I am, writing about stuff connected to #edtech, the internet (the “Interwebs”), online communities and connecting classroom and teachers.

I started this blog as part of a class assignment. Maybe the practice will teach me a thing or two? Connect me to teachers who want a forum for connecting classrooms, or create online communities linking classrooms to the greater world, or who just want a place to talk about ‘Really Important Stuff.’  Like this: or explore Six-step strategies that can help one identify the veracity of a website. Well, thanks, then. Glad there is such a thing, now that it has been drilled into every student that they MUSN’T touch wikipedia!  Instead of training students to drink from the pitcher, they just tell them not to be thirsty!  Does it ever occur to anyone to teach students how to properly use wikipedia instead of steering them away? So much good stuff there, (in Wiki, I mean), now …if I just knew how to extract it. Try the lemon press? Cheers.

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