Blog 2: 8 Maps Show Plastics’ Global Ocean Impact


8 Maps Show Plastics’ Global Impact

How do we impulse students to become curious about a world they have not seen or cannot imagine?  Educational Technology can ensure that we take our jobs as “Global Connectors” seriously, that we strive to connect our #students to the #GreaterGood (whatever that really means)!  Images, maps, photos, videos, Instagram, Twitter all of these #edtech tools can support that #BigPicture.  Seriously, have you ever discussed the impact of the use of plastic on the world’s oceans and water sources?  Take a look at:  A Plastic Ocean


And where can we go from there?  Use the #online community you create to discuss and link your students to this crucial issue.  The amazing map resource offered by 8 Maps  can be used to link your classroom to the #BigIssue, create experiments in plastic types and whether they sink or float and start #OnlineCommunities that become #AdventureLearning projects that morph into #CommunityProjects. screenshot-2016-09-28-20-57-18

Think I’m crazy?  I have been accused of worse and lived to tell the tale. Gotta start somewhere and linking your classroom to the classroom across the city via #GoogleHangouts or in your #Schoology classroom in order to solve your city’s plastic problem?  Why not try it?  And then, link to a classroom in Spain, or in Peru, or in Guam or in Puerto Rico…and do it again. I dare you.



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